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PRE-ORDER: Al Franken - Giant of the Senate

05/28/2017 - 12:01AM to 05/29/2017 - 12:01AM

Get a Signed Copy of Al Franken's New Book by Pre-Ordering Through Tattered Cover!

Rob Bell - What is the Bible?

05/30/2017 - 7:00PM

How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything, A Book Discussion & Signing

Nancy Atherton - Aunt Dimity and the Widow's Curse

05/30/2017 - 7:00PM

The 22nd Installment of the Best-Selling Aunt Dimity Series, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Poetry Open Mic

05/30/2017 - 7:00PM

Join Us for an Evening of Poetry Readings! #TatteredColfax

Tiffanie DeBartolo - God Shaped Hole

05/31/2017 - 7:00PM

Romance, Fiction Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Claire Dederer - Love and Trouble

06/01/2017 - 7:00PM

A Midlife Reckoning, From the Best-Selling Author of Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredLoDo

Michael Carolan - No One Eats Alone

06/01/2017 - 7:00PM

Food as a Social Enterprise, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Danica Favorite - An Unlikely Mother

06/02/2017 - 7:00PM

The Sixth Book in the Historical Romance "Leadville" Series, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Wonder Woman Day!

06/03/2017 - 1:00PM

Kiddos of All Ages are Invited to Help Us Celebrate Wonder Woman Day 2017! #TatteredAspenGrove

Craig Johnson - ​The Highwayman: A Longmire Story

06/03/2017 - 7:00PM

A Longmire Series Novella, A Mystery/Thriller Book Reading & Signing #TatteredColfax

Tattered Cover Film Series - Innocence Unprotected

06/04/2017 - 1:00PM

Host Howie Movshovitz at the Sie FilmCenter

Tommy Caldwell - The Push

06/05/2017 - 6:00PM

A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond the Limits, A Book Discussion & Signing

David Montgomery - Growing a Revolution

06/05/2017 - 7:00PM

Bringing Our Soil Back to Life, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Finn Murphy - The Long Haul

06/06/2017 - 7:00PM

A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredColfax

​Loretta Graziano Breuning - The Science of Positivity

06/06/2017 - 7:00PM

Stop Negative Thought Patterns by Changing your Brain Chemistry, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

​Leslie Budewitz - ​Treble at the Jam Fest

06/07/2017 - 7:00PM

A Murder Mystery at a Jazz Festival, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

​Francine Mathews - Death on Nantucket

06/08/2017 - 7:00PM

A Mystery Novel from the Author of Twenty-Seven Books, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredColfax

Maile Meloy - Do Not Become Alarmed

06/08/2017 - 7:00PM

A Fiction Book Talk & Signing with Wine & Snacks! Free Reservations Through EventBrite #TatteredLoDo

Grant Snider - The Shape of Ideas

06/08/2017 - 7:00PM

An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Book Club Happy Hour: Memoir Edition

06/09/2017 - 6:30PM

Tattered Cover Staff Will Discuss Their Favorite Titles, With Wine & Light Refreshments #TatteredColfax

Sandhya Menon - When Dimple Met Rishi

06/09/2017 - 7:00PM

YA Rom-Com Following Two Indian-American Teens Whose Parents Conspire to Arrange Their Marriage, Book Talk & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Summer Brain Quest Kick Off Party

06/10/2017 - 1:00PM

From the Creators of America’s #1 Educational Bestseller Brain Quest, A Store-Wide Celebration

​Rohret Buchner - ​Poetry of Days

06/12/2017 - 7:00PM

The Second Installment of the Shalemar Series, A Fantasy Book Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Will Bardenwerper - The Prisoner in His Palace

06/12/2017 - 7:00PM

Saddam Hussein, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid, A Book Discussion & Signing, #TatteredLoDo

Dan Millman - ​The Hidden School

06/12/2017 - 7:00PM

Return of the Peaceful Warrior, a Book Within a Book, a Quest Within a Quest, a Book Discussion & Signing #Tattered

Winston Churchill

06/13/2017 - 12:30PM

An Active Minds Lecture #TatteredAspenGrove

Scott Hartley -​ The Fuzzy and The Techie

06/13/2017 - 7:00PM

Why the Liberal Arts Will Rule the Digital World, A Book Talk & Signing with CEO of iBotta, Bryan Leach #TatteredLoDo #FuzzyTechie

Olivia Koski & Jana Grcevich - ​Vacation Guide to the Solar System

06/13/2017 - 7:00PM

Science for the Savvy Space Traveler, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Kent Sundling & Andrew Smirnov - Truck Nuts

06/14/2017 - 7:00PM

The Fast Lane Truck's Guide to Pickups, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Ty Tashiro - Awkward

06/14/2017 - 7:00PM

The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome, A Book Discussion & Signing, #TatteredLoDo #SoAwkwardSoAwesome

Michael Wallis -​ The Best Land Under Heaven

06/14/2017 - 7:00PM

The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Chris Goff - Red Sky

06/15/2017 - 7:00PM

A Raisa Jordan Thriller, A Book Reading & Signing from an Award-Winning Mystery Author #TatteredColfax

Matt Sullivan - Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

06/16/2017 - 6:30PM

A Debut Mystery Novel from a Former Tattered Cover Employee! #TatteredColfax

Christine Carbo - ​The Weight of Night

06/16/2017 - 7:00PM

The Newest Novel in an Award-Winning Series, A Book Reading & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Kirsten Shockey - ​Fiery Ferments

06/17/2017 - 2:00PM

70 Stimulating Recipes for Hot Sauces, Spicy Chutneys, Kimchis with Kick, & Other Blazing Fermented Condiments #TatteredColfax

Al Franken - Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

06/17/2017 - 6:00PM

An Evening with Senator Al Franken, in conversation with Governor John Hickenlooper: Book Discussion & Signing

Elin Hilderbrand, Hannah Tinti & Dani Shapiro

06/17/2017 - 6:30PM

A Book Club Reception, Author Book Talk, and Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Paula Poundstone at Paramount Theatre

06/17/2017 - 8:00PM

The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness, A Book Talk & Signing #ParamountTheatre

​Julie Rehmeyer - ​Through the Shadowlands

06/19/2017 - 7:00PM

A Science Writer’s Odyssey Into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

David Milofsky - Managed Care

06/19/2017 - 7:00PM

A Novel About the Medical Field, A Book Signing & Discussion #TatteredColfax

Marissa Hermer - ​An American Girl in London

06/20/2017 - 7:00PM

120 Nourishing Recipes for Your Family from a Californian Expat, A Cookbook Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Gary Ferguson - Land on Fire

06/21/2017 - 7:00PM

The New Reality of Wildfire in the West, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

David Gessner - Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth

06/21/2017 - 7:00PM

A Story of Obsession, Glory, and the Wild Early Days of Ultimate Frisbee, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

​Haylen Beck (Stuart Neville) - Here and Gone

06/22/2017 - 7:00PM

Suspense Thriller About a Mother's Desperate Fight to Recover Her Stolen Children from Corrupt Authorities, A Book Signing #TatteredColfax

Getting to Know the Radical Right

06/22/2017 - 7:00PM

Benjamin Teitelbaum Presents​ Lions of the North: Sounds of the New Nordic Radical Nationalism, A Book Talk & Signing #TatteredLoDo

Ben Coes - Trap the Devil

06/22/2017 - 7:00PM

A Political and Espionage Thriller Book Reading & Discussion #TatteredAspenGrove

Mark Stevens & Michael Keefe for Gary Reilly - The Discharge

06/23/2017 - 7:00PM

The Third Book in the Vietnam Trilogy, a Novel About Military Life and the Aftermath, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Aspen Grove Young Readers Book Talk

06/25/2017 - 11:00AM

A Book Discussion of favorite new books by the booksellers of #TatteredAspenGrove! #TatteredKids

Paul Cohen - The Glamshack

06/27/2017 - 7:00PM

Moderated by Author Douglas Light, A Debut Novel Reading & Signing #TatteredLoDo

Poetry Open Mic

06/27/2017 - 7:00PM

Join Us for an Evening of Poetry Readings! #TatteredColfax

Tuskegee Airmen

06/27/2017 - 5:00PM

An Active Minds Lecture #TatteredColfax

David Hicks - White Plains

06/27/2017 - 7:00PM

With ​Steven Dunn for Potted Meat, ​Courtney Morgan for ​The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman & ​Erika Wurth for ​Buckskin Cocaine

Siobhan Fallon - The Confusion of Languages

06/28/2017 - 7:00PM

A Novel About Jealousy, the Unpredictable Path of Friendship, & the Secrets Kept in Marriage, A Book Talk & Signing #TatteredColfax

Garrett M. Graff - Raven Rock

06/29/2017 - 7:00PM

The Story of the US Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself - While the Rest of Us Die, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredLoDo

​Alexandra Fuller - ​Quiet Until the Thaw

06/29/2017 - 7:00PM

A Debut Novel from a Memoirist, A Book Talk & Signing #TatteredColfax

Jim Flynn - ​A Compendium of Curious Colorado Place Names

07/08/2017 - 7:00PM

A Look Into the Naming of Colorado's Towns, Creeks, Rivers & More, A Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredAspenGrove

Roxane Gay - Hunger

07/14/2017 - 7:00PM

A Memoir of (My) Body, Book Discussion & Signing #TatteredColfax

Swanee Hunt - Rwandan Women Rising

07/27/2017 - 7:00PM

Stories About the Strength of Rwandan Women & Creating Stability & Reconciliation in Genocide's Wake, A Book Talk & Signing #TatteredColfax

​Booked for Summer

08/31/2017 - 12:01AM to 09/01/2017 - 12:01AM

​Tattered Cover’s Annual Summer Reading Program is Back! #TatteredKids

Tattered Cover Weekly Storytime

04/13/2024 - 10:30AM

Young Children Are Invited for a Half Hour of Stories & Fun. Everyone is Welcome!

Tattered Cover Weekly Storytime

08/20/2039 - 11:30AM

Young Children Are Invited for a Half Hour of Stories & Fun. Everyone is Welcome!

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